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Changes to Baha'u'llah explore
Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A month or so ago, a reader kindly suggested that the "List of translations on other sites" be extended to a list of all translations on the Internet. I have gone ahead and done this and you'll see the new link on the Main Menu, "List of translations on all sites".

In addition, the reader pointed out that I had omitted to include the translations on Khazeh Fananapazir's website. Therefore, the new list contains those translations plus those found on Baha'u'llah explore. The list should, therefore, be a complete list of translations of Baha'u'llah works found on the Internet. The list ends with a list of the websites that contain the translations and a link to the Leiden List.

I have also changed the format of the list. At Steve's suggestion, I have abandoned the tables and used the weblinks facility built into the software. This has made the list much tidier and easier to follow. It also gives me room beneath each link for a brief description and any additional information that might be useful.

I have also completed and put up my introduction to Ode of the Dove, which you'll find if you go to Ode of the Dove under "Translations on this site".

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