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Written by Alison Marshall   
Monday, 07 July 2008

I have reorganised the site so that it is easier to access and print the introductions to the translations on this site. I delayed doing this until I had sufficient numbers of introductions to justify creating a new section devoted entirely to them.

You can see that I have created a new link on the Main Menu called "Introductions to translations on this site". This takes you to the alphabetical list of introductions, with links to the introductions themselves. From there, you can print the file, or email it or pdf it, using the little icons at the top right-hand corner beside the heading.

I have removed the text of the introductions from the bottom of the translations.

There are about six translations that do not have introductions or any links to introductory material. These are my next priority. I will focus now on writing introductions for them. In particular, these include Garden of Justice, Surah of Sacrifice, Surah of Sorrows, Surah of the Almighty, and Tablet of Joseph. If you would like to help out and feel able to write an introduction for the site, let me know.

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