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Written by Alison Marshall   

This page contains a list of web sites that have, or link to, downloadable articles related to the Baha'i Faith. The web sites are divided into two categories:

  1. Libraries and journals
  2. Personal sites.

Libraries and journals

Baha'i Library Online

The Baha'i Library Online is one of the principal sources of artices available for download. It has a huge collection of articles related to the Baha'i Faith in its section "Secondary Source Material", which is viewed from the home page. The relevant options in this section are:

The library also has books, book excerpts, biographies and so forth, and, in the Resource Tools section, Study Guides of the Bahá'í Writings.

Baha'i Studies Primer

The Baha'i Studies Primer is a small collection of articles. It is hosted on Seena Fazel's personal site but has been put together by Jonah Winters, who is also responsible for the Baha'i Library Online. The site has a collection of 12 papers and 10 reviews. I don't think it has been added to for some years.

Baha'i Studies Review

The Association for Baha'i Studies, English-speaking Europe, published a journal called Baha'i Studies Review between 1991 and 2005. It is an excellent resource. Articles from journals published between 1991 and 1998 are available online. Abstracts from others can also be viewed.

Baha'i Studies Web Server

The Baha'i Studies Web Server pulls together a collection of Baha'i Studies resources, but the site has not been maintained and many of the links lead to errors. Most of the good links on the page appear as separate items on this page. Other relevant links include:

Baha'i9 Wiki

Baha'i9 Wiki is a wiki on Baha'i topics. Generally, its structure isn't intuitive or user friendly. But there is an alphabetical list, which contains an extensive list of subjects. The pages that are linked to aren't always helpful, but some, such as "Hidden Words", contain a useful list of links to material on that particular subject. The site contains no original writing - it is all links and quotes.

Bahais Online

Baha'is Online is a website that collects material off the internet about the faith. It has a large collection of resources, some of which are articles. Entries are loosely classified by subject, which enables easy scanning for relevance.


H-Bahai is an academic collaborative effort that focuses on "the culture and history of millenarian and/or esoteric religious traditions originating in modern Iran, such as Shaykhism, Babism and the Baha'i faith". It has a Digital Publication Series accessed from its home page with Occasional papers, Research notes and Reviews.

Irfan Colloquia

Irfan Colloquia is a series of conferences held annually in North America and Europe. It has published around 10 books of papers in English and these are listed on the Publications page. A few of the papers can be downloaded; you have to search through the list for each book to find them.

Journal of Baha'i Studies, Canada

The Association for Baha'i Studies, North America, has been publishing the Journal of Baha'i Studies since 1988. It has begun to make available for download articles from the journals. These can be accessed from the Past Issues page.

Online Journal of Baha'i Studies

The Online Journal of Baha'i Studies was put together by a group of Baha'i scholars in 2007. Unfortunately, it has only one volume, but it is full of articles of good quality.

Personal sites

Arash Abizadeh

Arash Abizadeh's sphere of interest is political science and political philosophy. His site has seven of his articles in Baha'i Studies on his publications page.

Christopher Buck

Christopher Buck's site is one great long page. You have to scroll down to find things. There is an early section on Chris's books, some of which can be downloaded. Further on is the section called Baha'i Studies, which has a sizable list of articles in Baha'i Studies that Chris has written. More Baha'i-related materials can be found beyond that.

Juan Cole

Juan Cole's Baha'i Studies area has a collection of resources, including many scholarly articles by various authors on the articles page.

Keven Brown

Keven Brown's web site makes available many of his papers. These focus on Keven's interest in Islamic Philosophy and the Baha'i teachings.

Khazeh Fananapazir

Khazeh Fananapazir makes available his articles on Islam-related topics on his Papers page.

Moojan Momen

Moojan Momen's Religious Studies and Baha'i Studies page makes available articles he wrote for the Baha'i Encyclopedia (but were not used), and 12 papers he has written.

Sen McGlinn

Sen McGlinn's site, which is called Sen McGlinn's blog, is a good collection resources for Baha'i Studies. Each blog entry is in effect an 'article' on the faith. In addition, the site has a collection of Sen's papers in the Articles Online option, accessed using the tab at the top.

Stephen Lambden

Stephen Lambden's website Hurqalya is a labyrinth, but materials about the Baha'i writings are interspersed among the translations and can be found if you go searching. The material is difficult to understand because it largely assumes a knowledge scripture and original languages.

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