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Written by Alison Marshall   
Monday, 31 December 2007

A reader wrote to let me know about the inaugural issue of the Online Journal of Baha'i Studies. It contains three new translations, and I have added these to the "List of translations on all sites".

The first translation is actually a set of four, "Four Tablets to Maryam", translated by Gloria Shahzadeh. Maryam was Baha'u'llah's cousin and sister-in-law. She was greatly devoted to Baha'u'llah and nursed him back to health after he was released from the Siyah Chal.

The second translation is "Tablet of the Right of the People", translated by Dr Mehran Ghasempour. The issue of the journal contains an introduction to the tablet by Jean Marc Lepain, which explains what the "Right of the People" is. The tablet is fascinating because it explains how we are held accountable for our actions in this world and the next.

The third translation is a short tablet translated by the World Centre, which it has named "Short Prayer for Decision". It was revealed by Baha'u'llah for Jináb-i-Samandar (Shaykh Káẓim Samandar), who was asking for guidance on a difficult matter. Baha'u'llah gives him a verse to recite 19 times. I have listed the tablet under the title "Prayer for Decision".

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