Windflower Translations

Original title: Lawh al-Tal`at al-Hubb

Translated by Juan Cole



[1] Countenance of love, we have recognized your longing for God in the pavilions of eternity, insofar as you drew near and attained, in the arenas of encounter, to the presence of God. Thus have we reckoned everything in a book that was decreed in the Tablet. Know that you have advanced to the sanctuary of beauty and visited the kaaba of holiness in the garden of paradise on the Mount Paran of love. Thus was your affair guarded from the rebellious in a tablet. Do not grieve over any matter, and be not perplexed at the adversities of this world. God shall send you forth in a station that is, in truth, exalted. For the world, its adornments and finery, shall pass away in less than the blink of an eye. Therefore, exert yourself in what will be everlasting for you in the highest kingdom, so that you will be safeguarded in the worlds of the spirit that revolve around the tree of immortality.

[2] Listen with the ear of your heart to what the dove warbles on the pole of infinity, insofar as it has taught you the paths of truth on that route that was raised up in light. Attest to this Tablet with the tongue of spirit so that you might be radiant with the fire of love. Fear God, and pay no attention to those who opposed him. Do not follow those who have disbelieved and who shall never find for themselves a path to the truth. Be constant in love and firm in the cause so that your foot shall not stumble, even if you are opposed by all who are on earth. Therefore, cast away what is in your right hand, then follow God's paradise so that you might find an august station at the center of the Garden near the sea of immortality.

[3] Thus have we written in the Tablet the details of all things, and have mentioned them to you so that you might arrive at a station that is impervious to sorrow. By God, if you smell the fragrance of this shirt, you will discover the breezes of the divine essence, your eyes will overflow with tears in your yearning for God, and you will be insightful concerning the cause of your Lord.

[4] Spirit be upon you, and upon those who were meek, having drawn nigh and been consumed by the fire of union.

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