Windflower Translations

Original title: Lawh-i Salman II

Translated by Juan Cole



[1] O Salman: In every affair, strive to be like God, and be content with the divine decree. Consider how, according to outward appearances, this youth has been sorely tried from every direction, and all physical doors have been closed upon him. At every moment demons strive to darken the lamp of God and to extinguish its flame, which burns with such brightness and radiance that it illuminates the heavens and the earth. Yet the people behave as though no harm has befallen him. Make no plaint concerning this world's exaltation or abasement, glory or vileness. Under all conditions, set your gaze upon us. For all that is visible shall be lost. That you see some of the people delighting in the glory of this world and proud of their high station merely demonstrates the heedlessness of those souls. Every person of vision and insight bears witness that this saying is the truth, and this utterance has dawned forth from the word of illumination. For all know that these things are unworthy of consideration and are unstable, and that when the angel of death arrives they shall undergo an alteration. Therefore, it is established that those persons who set their hearts on these things are heedless, and it is negligence that leads them to busy themselves with such matters.

[2] In one tablet it has been revealed that among the signs of the maturity of the world is that no one will agree to bear the burdens of autocratic rule. Sovereignty will remain with no one volunteering to bear it alone. Those will be the days when Reason will become manifest among humankind. Only in order to proclaim the cause of God and to promulgate his religion will any soul shoulder this crushing burden. Pure is the one who places himself in this extreme peril and accepts this hardship and tribulation for the love of God and his cause, for the sake of his countenance, and in order to make manifest his faith. For this reason has it been revealed in the tablets that it is incumbent to pray for and love such a sovereign.

[3] O Salman: The world is fleeting, and soon all those you see upon the earth shall return to the dust. We beseech God to bestow his confirmations upon his friends, that they may perceive the fragrance of the spiritual rose garden. Any soul who has attained to it has never gazed and shall never gaze at anything but God, and shall be content, patient and thankful for his decrees. Be not sad that you were unable to attain my presence. God has bestowed on you the reward of one who visited him. God willing, you will exert yourself so that the deeds of God will appear from you, and you will blaze with a fire that will warm all others. Advance toward God with a pure heart and soul, a truthful tongue, and sanctified vision. Then call upon him under all conditions. He is, in truth, the helper of all who advance toward him, and he is, in truth, the Forgiving, the Compassionate. We have heard the wailing of the prisoners among my people and my friends. Praise be to God, insofar as he has rendered me and my people and my friends prisoners for his sake. Even though the sun pass away, the mention of these things shall not pass away. God shall make manifest whatever he wills. He is, in truth, the Mighty, the All-Powerful.

[4] For reasons of wisdom, no tablet has been revealed for any of the prisoners except for the Name of God, M. Convey my greetings, nevertheless, to all of them. The affairs of all are evident. One tablet for 'Abdu'l-Vahhab was revealed and should be delivered. Although it has been revealed in the language of the people and according to their exoteric grammar, it nevertheless is sufficient unto all who are on earth, if they perceive it. In the tablets to various quarters, no specific names have been mentioned, but they are known to God. Every one of the tablets has been revealed for some exigency. Blessed is he who knows, and is grateful. A box of candy has been prepared for those in Mosul and should be delivered.

[5] We ask you, O God, by those whom you have made abased prisoners, from Baghdad to Mosul. With regard to the woman who was among them and was in the presence of the manifestation of your cause, we beseech you that she should make your loved ones firm in your love. Then cause them to be upright in spreading your cause. O God, you see and know what has befallen them in your love and good-pleasure, such that the eyes of your pure ones and the people of the pavilions of your glory have wept for them. I ask you not to deprive them of your kindness and grace. Cause them to dwell in the vicinity of your compassion in this world and the next. In truth, you are powerful over all things.

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